Carbon Bows

Carbon Bows

At Moseley Violins , we stock a range of carbon bows to suit all players and levels. A selection of our carbon bows are featured below – please check on availability, or make an appointment to visit and try out our range of bows.

Carbon has excellent material properties of strength, lightweight and consistency as an alternative to using wooden sticks, so a positive result is achievable in tensile strength , balance and weight, without the fragile break point at the bow tip end.  The frogs are usually made of ebony or other hardwoods and mounted in the same way to wooden sticks. Horsetail hair is still the preferred, so the choice of rosin, the stretching of hair and regular re-hairing issues are common .

BRAND NAMES ( Price bands approximate)

< £150 Primavera & Westbury Composite, Artino Composite, Hider ( Hidersine), MMX (China)

£150 -£450 Orchestra & Glasser,

£450 Prodigy/ Diamond/ Luma/ Joule/ Marquise/ Infinity Revelation (USA) ,

Jon Paul Carrera/ Muse (USA)

Musing C2 C3 C4 & Arcus M4-M9/ S4-S9/P4-P9  (Germany),