Carbon Bows

Carbon Fibre Bows

At Moseley Violins , we stock a range of carbon fibre and carbon composite bows to suit all players and levels, student to professional. 

The process for making carbon fibre bows involves heating up long strands of fibres in an oxygen-less environment. Because there’s no oxygen, the fibres can’t burn and carbonisation occurs.

As a result carbon fibre and carbon composite bows has excellent material properties of:

  • strength and robustness
  • consistency in weight, balance and performance

    The frogs are still usually made of ebony or other hardwoods and mounted in the same way to wooden sticks.
    Horsetail hair is still used on most carbon fibre bows, as for wood bows.

  • Carbon composite is non-carbon fibre material but is reinforced with carbon fibre.

A selection of our carbon fibre and carbon composite  bows are featured below – please check on availability, and make an appointment to visit to try them.

BRANDS (Price bands are approximate)

  • £50 -£150: Primavera & Westbury Composite, Artino Composite, Hider ( Hidersine), MMX (China)
  • £150 -£450: Orchestra & Glasser,
  • £450 plus: Prodigy/ Diamond/ Luma/ Joule/ Marquise/ Infinity Revelation (USA) ,
  • Jon Paul Carrera/ Muse (USA)
  • Musing C2 C3 C4 & Arcus M4-M9/ S4-S9/P4-P9  (Germany),