At Moseley Violins, we believe that choosing a bow is as important as choosing an instrument.

We stock a good range of new Brazilwood, Pernambuco, and carbon  bows from student to professional levels. We also have antique and pre-owned bows. 

Whenever possible, we select from our visiting suppliers, bows which are good for for weight, strength, balance and response, 

We reject bows that are warped or do not meet our standards.  

Please check on availability. You can arrange to try bows before selecting. Just phone to arrange. 

Quality Brands  (price ranges approximate)

  • £20 and £100: Hidersine, Stentor, Westbury, Artino, & Concertante,  brazilwood bows from China – part and full size.
  • £100 -£250: From Germany: Atelier Jaeger, Dorfler, Knoll, P Hoyer, Franz Bergner & Werner.
  • £250-£2,500: From Germany: Alfred Knoll, W R Wild, Roderick Paesold, G Werner, W. E . Dorfler, W Zapf.  From Switzerland: Finkel, Lefin, W Ernst, F Neuveville & S Kuhnla. From Brazil: Marco Raposo, Carlesso, Siqueira, Atelier Casara, L’Archet Brazil, Sousa, as well as  handmade bows from Alecio Reis, Renato Casara. 
  • We also stock a range of carbon fibre bows from student to professional level.
  • We also offer a bow rehairing service.