At Moseley Violins, we aim to stock a good range of new Brazilwood, Pernambuco, and carbon student and advanced bows.

We select our bows for weight, strength, balance and response whenever possible from our visiting supplier reps.

A selection of our new, pre-owned, antique and handmade bows are featured below – please check on availability, or make an appointment to visit and try out our range of bows.

Brand Names (price ranges approximate)

  • Under £100: Hidersine, Stentor, Westbury, Artino, & Concertante,  brazilwood bows from China
  • £100 -£250: Atelier Jaeger, Dorfler, Knoll, P Hoyer, Franz Bergner & Werner; from Germany
  • £250-£2,500: Alfred Knoll, W R Wild, Roderick Paesold, G Werner, W. E . Dorfler, W Zapf, from Germany,Finkel, Lefin, W Ernst, F Neuveville & S Kuhnla from Switzerland; Marco Raposo, Carlesso, Siqueira, Atelier Casara, L’Archet Brazil, Sousa, handmade bows from Alecio Reis, Renato Casara from Brazil