Some important questions arise when someone is given an old violin by a relative, a friend or simply when one is found in an attic.
These questions are mainly the following ones:

– How old is it?
– Where was it made?
– Is the label genuine? (assuming that there is one)
– Who made the instrument?
– Does it have any value?
In order to answer to the last question one will need to deal with the initial ones as part and parcel of the whole assessment.

In order to achieve a valuation we use the following logical methods:

– Careful visual examination of all aspects of the instrument, including measuring, photographing, etc…
– Searches through our own archives
– Internet data available on various professional websites

A professional attitude is required to clarify the mysteries of violin making.

David-Bruce Johnson and Francois Bignon are on hand to help you make some sense of the intricacies of valuing a stringed instrument, unravelling its identity.

Do contact us if you want to bring an instrument or bow to us. We can appraise an instrument verbally without charge but charge for a written valuation or insurance document.