Meet The Team at MoselEy Violins

François Bignon

Native from France, has worked for almost 40 years in Birmingham in violin restoration and repair work, and bow rehairing. François also specialises in making his own instrument models adapted from the classical European background. His source of inspiration is influenced by the charm and detail of lesser known makers from 1850-1900. Instrument orders are a process of discussion and exploration with his customers, enabling musicians to contribute their individual ideas and requirements.  François enjoys playing the double bass.


Everyone at Moseley Violins works hard to acheive this. 

We want all our customers to have the best playing experience they can afford. So we make sure every instrument is set up well and to its best.

Our advice, (based on 40 years experience) is free.


We are also committed to the environment and where possible we reuse parts of violins that are no longer usable as a whole. For example, we offer packaging materials we can’t use ourselves to others for re-use. Anything we no longer need which is potentially usable is  offered via Freecycle or the free section of Gumtree. 

Our waste collector (a zero-to-landfill recycling company), advises that of the waste we put out for them, 80% is recycled (Dec 2022). 

We do not own any vehicles and mostly walk or  use the bus to collect and deliver things locally. Occasionally, we use Co-Wheels, the national car club. 

WE ARE RECRUITING FOR A SHOP MANAGER – closing date 4th February 2024

Are you the person who can bring excellent interpersonal skills and are able to instil enthusiasm into the newest musician, as well as having a good understanding of the needs of professional musicians who excel in many musical genres from classical, jazz, folk to rock?  

You will  also need to:

  • bring a sense of calm to a busy environment, and energy to the business as a whole. You will have or be able to develop a strong sense of the business environment both legally and financially and be able to manage and support other members of staff.
  • be an excellent co-ordinator, prioritising competing demands from sales, enquiries, assisting with valuations, re-ordering to maintain stock, updating th website, and maintaining stock-related records on an online accountancy package. A strong experience with social media is a plus.
  • be a player of at least one orchestral string instrument, including (or be able to learn to play the) violin, as well as being able to tune stringed instruments easily. Training will also be available to ensure you can undertake simple maintenance tasks such as restringing, peg easing, soundpost adjustment etc.
  • Email: fro an application pack

Mike O’Neill

Native to Birmingham, Mike has an endless resource of knowledge and skills in music technology and computer engineering. He works along in the shop reception, sales, admin and giving technical advice. Mike is a seasoned band musician, playing electric bass, guitar and mandolin, and has taken to making the occasional electric mandolin and guitar. He also enjoys playing the violin.

David Bruce Johnson

Left his native Canada in 1978 with a background in craft, music and arts to further his instrument making career. He studied for three years study in Musical Instrument Technology in London in both fretted and bowed stringed instruments. David gained 5 years employment in the violin trade in Beaconsfield and Birmingham before setting up workshop of his own in 1986. After 5 years research and development, the success story of world-renowned Violectra electric violins, violas and cellos began in 1992 and designer and maker David has sold over 200 custom-made Violectras worldwide. After a diverse musical background in piano, brass and wind instruments, David plays various stringed instruments , including violin, cello, dulcimer, sitar, kora, banjo, mandolin, & guitar.

Professional Players at your Service

We understand the decision process can be quite difficult finding the ideal instrument or bow to meet all your requirements.

By special appointment, we have the services of professional local players, Amanda Lipman, and Graeme Littlewood, to help you hear the instruments that you would like to consider within your price area and help you assess their tonal qualities. Both are available by appointment

Amanda Lipman

We understand the decision process can be quite difficult finding the ideal violin, viola or bow to meet all your requirements. By special appointment only, we have the services of a professional local player, Amanda Lipman, to help you hear the instruments that you would like to consider within your price area and help you assess their tonal qualities.

GRAeme Littlewood

Graeme has a long professional experience of over 40 years playing violin with  the CBSO in Birmingham . His knowledge and background is very thorough and we are privileged to have his wealth of experience to help customers when choosing a violin or bow. His services are available by appointment only.