Instrument Repairs and Restoration

Moseley Violins offers an established, repair and restoration service for all players of bowed stringed instruments. We offer our skills, help and support to students, teachers, and professional musicians for their specific needs.

Our combined experience in the trade will ensure you of the highest standards and aim to obtain the full potential of your instrument. We guarantee our workmanship and have your instrument’s interest at heart as well as your own.

Each item brought to us for any potential work will be assessed carefully before hand. For major restorations it is sometimes necessary to review the planning and costing of the necessary work.

In each instance we will believe it is best wherever possible to maintain its original and individual qualities.

Instrument Repairs

  • Routine check -up and advice (recommended yearly) *
  • Estimates and quotes for repair & restoration. *
  • Gluing of seams/ parts/ fractures
  • Minor aesthetics and touching in of varnish, cleaning, etc)
  • Following an initial assessment, emergency repairs and/or fine adjustments will be carried out if at all possible on the day or within reasonable time.
  • For the gluing of seams and fractures, it is best to leave the instrument with us overnight in order for it to set completely.

Setting Up, Fittings, & Adjustments

  • New fittings (i.e. bridge, sound-post, pegs, nut, endpin, etc)
  • Tonal adjustments & correction of existing fittings

Instrument Restorations

  • Structural conservation (i.e.; new edges, corners, peg- hole bushing, etc
  • Major structural reconstruction (i.e.; new bass bar, reinforcing of fractures, sound-post patch, neck graft, edging, etc)
  • Conversion to Baroque
  • Left hand playing

Fretted Instruments (lutes, guitars, mandolin, banjo, etc.)

  • Major structural damage, re-fretting rebuilding, action adjustments to set-up neck resetting, refinishing.

You are welcome to contact us by appointment to visit our workshop.