Instrument Repairs and Restoration

We offer repair and restoration service for all players of bowed stringed instruments, based on over 40 years of experience.

We guarantee our workmanship. We aim for the  highest standards and will seek to obtain the full potential of your instrument. 

We offer a free assessment of your instrument and any work needed, which you can discuss with us before  you give the go ahead for the work to be done. 

Please  phone or make an appointment to visit to discuss your needs. 

Wittner Pegs 

We sell and fit Wittner FineTune geared pegs which make it easier to tune an instrument which is then more likely to stay in tune. Phone to find out more. 


Instrument Repairs

  • Free routine check -up and advice (recommended annually)
  • Free estimates and quotes for repair and restoration
  • Setting up, adjustments and upgrading instruments to improve tone and playability
  • Free fitting of strings (some exceptions) where strings are bought from us
  • Cleaning, polishing instruments and minor touching-in of varnish
  • Fitting of new parts such as  pegs, fingerboards, bridges
  • Gluing of seams, fingerboards and fractures
  • Varnishing/ re-varnishing and oiling
  • Instrument Restoration
  • Structural conservation (i.e. new edges, purfling, corners, peg- hole bushing,)
  • Major structural reconstruction (i.e.; new bass bar, reinforcing of fractures, sound-post patch, neck graft, edging, repair of cracks)
  • Conversion to Baroque instrument
  • Conversion for left-hand playing
  • Fretted Instruments (lutes, guitars, mandolin, banjo, etc.)
  • Major structural damage, re-fretting, rebuilding, action adjustments to set-up, neck resetting, refinishing etc  by a qualified and experienced  guitar maker.