NEW SPA4 CODA Prodigy 4/4 carbon-fibre violin bow


NEW SPA4 CODA Prodigy carbon-fibre 4/4 violin bow. Ideal for players progressing through Beginner Grades 1 – 3

  • Tone Colour: Even, Clear
  • Balance Profile: Centre-Tip Balanced
  • Weight Profile: Medium-Light
  • Action Profile: Firm
  • Stiffness Profile: Stiff
  • Lifetime Technology: All high-wear components (including tip plate, tip wedge, and button bearings) are precision-made using composite materials to ensure a lifetime of worry-free play.
  • Xebony Frog Solution: An elegant solution to the worlds endangered supply of instrument-grade ebony, Xebony is a proprietary blend of natural fibers and resin that boasts rich luster and natural grain, impressing players and bow makers alike. Stronger and more durable than natural ebony, Xebony offers peace of mind while preserving endangered resources.
  • Global Bow Design: GlobalBow® designation ensures that this bow contains no endangered, monitored, or regulated species (wildlife or fauna) and can pass worry-free through international Customs.
  • After purchase, register this bow with  the Coda company for a 10 year guarantee. See details here 

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