CS10/ 06C Handmade violin by Alex Janonyte (No 9). Sound Samples.


CS10/ 06C Handmade violin by Alex Janonyte. With Larsen Virtuoso strings. Length of back: 35.8 cms. Labelled: ‘Alex J UK 2020 no. 9′.

Professional player opinion: ‘A fine, smooth tone which responds readily.’




Two-piece back with wide grain and close figure. Tight-grain front. Red oil varnish. Ebony fittings. String length: 32.8 cms.

Matteo Goffriller copy, made in 2020 by Alex Janonyte, a graduate of the Newark School of Violin making.

Matteo Goffriller (1659–1742) was a renowned lutheir based in Venice. He was active from around 1685 to 1735. He was the founder of the Venetian  School on Making, at a time when Venice was one of the most important centres of musical activity in the world.


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