AS01/ 24 Antique German, late 18th century 4/4 Violin. Hopf school / Klingenthal. Sound sample.


AGENCY SALE of AS01/ 24  Circa 1780-1800. Full size composite violin. Likely German Klingenthal/ Hopf School.   Repair label: “Jan Karon (nepos Lawrentu) Korekya Varsaviae Anno 1957”. With Thomastik Dominant strings.

Professional player comment: ‘Bright and joyful across the whole register.’


One piece wide to medium figure maple back. Spruce front with irregular grain. Ebony fingerboard.  Boxwood pegs, tailpiece, chinrest and endpin.  Light brown antiqued oil varnish with amber base. Length of back: 35.4 cm.  String length: 32.7 cm.  Stop length: 19.2 cm.

“Hopf School” model in Baroque highly arched. Neck likely later addition.

Fully restored fractures in upper left bout.

The Hopf family  includes several  generations of  luthiers, making instruments  between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in the Saxon city of Klingenthal, on the border with the modern Czech Republic. The style is influenced by the Tyrolean school, with rounded C-bouts and slightly squarish upper bouts.

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