AS01/ 59 Circa 1910, English 4/4 violin. By Edward Withers, Sound sample.


AS01/ 59 English, circa 1910. Handmade in Edward Withers workshop. Branded No ‘257’ at back of pegbox. Label:’ Edward Withers, 22 Wardour Street, London.’ With an original Bill of sale from Edward Withers shop dated 1966. With Larsen strings. With shaped violin case with Withers Label.

Professional player comment: ‘Great depth of tone. Bright and sweet yet rich . Very responsive. Real gem’. 



Guarneri copy. One piece back  of medium grain maple with narrow regular figure. With matching ribs. Front of  European spruce, close grained but widening towards the flank.  Amber-red oil varnish. Boxwood fittings.   Length of back: 35.7cm. Stop length: 19.7 cms. String length 33 cms.

Edward Withers (II) was born 1844 and died 1915.  Was trained by his father Edward Withers (I) (1808-1875)  and John Lott.  Appointed maker to the then Duke of Edinburgh in 1893. he worked with his father at Coventry Street London before moving to premises in Wardour Street.

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