MV15/ 23 German (Markneukirchen). Circa 1925. Handmade Amati Copy. ‘Heinrich Theodor Heberlein’ 4/4 violin. Sound sample.


CS10/ 24 German, Markneukirchen. Circa 1925. Handmade Amati Copy. Labelled “Heinrich Th Heberlein jr. Markneukireben 1925 Made in Germany Copie of Nicolaus Amatus”. With Dominant strings. Length of back: 35.8 cms. Instrument only. Letter  of authenticity and valuation from reputable dealer is available.

Professional player opinion: ‘Easily produced, responsive  sweet pure tone.’


Two-piece back with fine grain and tight figure. Fine-grain front. Golden-brown varnish. Ebony pegs and Rosewood fittings. String length: 33 cms

Born in Markneukirchen in 1843 Heinrich Theodor Heberlein jr. made violins for most of his adult life until he died around 1910.  In 1897, his workshop was taken over by his sons, Paul Wilhelm and Albert Theodor, and the company continued to make instruments into the 1940’s.


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