MV16/ 52 French, circa 1910-120 4/4 violin. Sound sample.


MV16/ 52 French, circa 1910-120 4/4 violin. Labelled ‘Nicolas Bertholini. Luthier a la cour de France de sa Majesté l’Empereur fecit Anno 1810 ‘. Likely from the workshop of Laberte-Humbert Frères. Fitted with Despiau bridge, Wittner tailpiece, and Thomastik Dominant strings

Professional player comment: Bright and even tone. Responsive across the instruments. Projects well.



Two-piece back of medium grain with strong even curl. Medium grain spruce front, rims, neck and scroll.  Length of back: 35.6 cm. String Length: 32.75cm.

In 1876,  violin makers and brothers, Maurice-Emile and Pierre Alexis Auguste Laberte, established the firm “Laberte Humbert Frères” in the Mirecourt instrument-making  region of France. At first, they focused on factory-made instruments, some with fictitious labels such as ‘J. Didelot’.

In the early 20th century Marc Laberte, the son of Pierre Alexis Auguste Laberte, added a range of higher-quality instruments by makers including Joseph Aubry, Charles Brugere, Camille Poirson and Georges Apparut. These were aimed at intermediate and advanced players.

The firm closed in 1969 after the death of Philippe Laberte.

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