Pre-owned Viola Student outfits in a range of sizes – set up and ready to play

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We may accept trade-in instruments, in good condition, when we people are buying instruments from us, and, as result, we often will have a range of pre-owned student outfits of all sizes.  However, we check the outfits over thoroughly and ensure they are set up properly, sometimes replacing the bow, strings and even the case.

As what we have changes daily, please phone to check what we have in stock and for prices.

An ‘outfit’ includes instrument, bow, case and rosin, but not a shoulder rest.

We can ‘measure up’ each player to ensure they have the correct size viola.

Prices start from around £150.

Brands of our pre-owned student outfits can vary but often includes Stentor brand outfits. The outfits may show some slight wear and tear but our quality check and  set up ensures the instruments and bows play and sound to their best. This encourages students to keep playing.

We will demonstrate the instruments to you so you can hear how they sound, before you buy.

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