AS01/ 65 Circa 1950-1973, German 4/4 violin bow. Branded: ‘Emil Werner.***’. Gold mounted, with tortoiseshell frog. 64.3 grams


AGENCY SALE of AS01/ 65 Full size German violin bow. Branded: ‘Emil Werner.***’. Circa 1950-1973.  Pernambuco octagonal stick. Gold mounted tortoiseshell frog, with Parisian eye inlay and adjuster with two gold bands. Weight:  64.3 grams

Emil Werner (Bubenreuth, Germany, 1906 – 1973), bow maker, was a pupil of the bow maker, Karl Schuster, but set up on his own business by in 1924. He is considered to be  from the 20th century  ‘classical Bohemian school of bow making’.

This  bow will come a Transaction Specific Article 10  certificate  (Re: Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), EC Regulation 338/97 and 865/2006 (as incorporated in UK law as retained EU law),  in relation to the tortoiseshell frog.

Written valuation by independent professional dealer also available.


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