ROSIN – a range available in store

We stock a range of rosin for violins and violas, cellos and double basses.

For example, we will usually have in stock,  Hidersine 3C and 3V, Kalpan Artcraft, AB, and some Pirastro rosins.

Just call 0121 693 1214  to find out if we have the rosin you need.

Rosin is a solid form of resin, the sticky substance that comes from trees that is not unlike sap. Rosin is made by heating fresh liquid resin, until it becomes solid.

Without rosin applied to the bow hair, there is no friction between the bow and the strings – so the sound is barely audible. The rosin creates friction, allowing the bow to grip the strings and make them vibrate more clearly.

Violinists and violists tend to use a lighter rosin for their instruments, while darker rosins are used for cellos and double basses.

Some string players apply rosin every time they play – but that isn’t actually necessary. A stroke or two of rosin can last for at least a few hours of playing time.

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