CS9/ 90A Handmade Brescian-style Violin by Alex Janonyte, 2018. Sound sample


Handmade Brescian-style violin. With Evah Pirazzi Gold strings with a back length of 35.6 cm. Labelled ‘Agne Janonyte 2018 UK No.5‘.

Professional player opinion: ‘This handsome instrument , in the style of Maggini , is beautifully crafted and offers a sweet, pleasing mellow sound with pleasing depth’. 


Well-made violin. ‘Maggini 1630’ model. Two-piece maple back with medium grain and tight flame. Spruce front with fine grain. Ebony fittings.  Golden-brown oil varnish with an antique finish. With the stop length of 32.5 cm. The violin has an inlayed back inspired by Gasparo De Salo. Please note the ‘crack’ below the f hole is a copy of a crack on an older instrument and not an actual crack.

Alex Janonyte is a graduate of the Newark School of violin-making.

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