CS9/ 67 Preowned ‘Heritage’, Amati model, Cello. Sound Sample


A pre-owned modern interpretation of the brothers Antonius & Hieronymus Amati Cello, circa 1616′. Made in China, circa 2010, for ‘The Sound Post Company’ as part of their ‘Heritage’ series. Labelled: ‘Antonius et Hieronymus FR Amati , Cremona Andrea fil 1616’. With Larsen strings. Length of back: 29.75″ (74.4 cms)



Faithful copy. Good sounding instrument. Amati model. Two-piece medium grain and highly figured. Front of fine grain. Golden-orange oil finish. Ebony pegs , fingerboard and Wittner Ultra tailpiece with built-in adjusters, String length: 68.5 cm.

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