CST9/ 82H NEW, Handmade SILVER SERIES 3/4 Double Bass by Akos Balazs, Hungary, circa 2019. Sound sample


Image relates to previous models. New Hungarian SILVER SERIES 3/4  double bass. Labelled: ‘Balazs Akos, Luthier, Hungaria, Budapest, 2019’. Length of back: 109 cm. With D’addario Helicore Hybrid strings.

Professional player opinion:   This Bass has a great and punchy sound with a lot of character and good low end response. I loved the even resonance across the whole instrument, which I don’t always find in other basses.


Well made by this experienced and skilled maker.  Responsive with even sound. Handmade with good choice of woods. Two-piece wide-grain carved back with light figure. Wide grain front. Shaded golden-red oil finish Stop length; 41.5″.

After graduating from  the Liszt Ferenc Zeneakademia in Budapest, where he studied instrument making under the tutelage of esteemed Hungarian luthiers Laszlo Nemessanyi and János Héjja, Akos set up his own workshop  in 2006. However, as his work is such high demand he now employs  a number of luthiers to assist him.