AS01/ 56 Antique, circa 1800, English cello. Sound sample.


AS01/ 56 Antique, English cello.  With Larsen Magnacore Arioso strings. Letter of valuation from reputable dealer is available. Dendrochronology assessment has been undertaken.

Professional player comment: ‘The cello has a good deep bass , and an earthy sound that is mellow throughout, with lots of character.’ 

The one hundred years between 1750 and 1850 are sometimes referred to as the ‘golden age of English cello making’.  This was a time when there were a growing number of professional cellists emerging in England, but also possibly influenced by two Princes of Wales, Frederick, then George (who later became George III), who were both cello players.


Back of 3 pieces of maple.  The scroll is stylistically of an earlier period but may not be original to the cello and is grafted to modern length neck . The front is of spruce with medium grain which narrows towards the flanks and is winged on the lower bouts. The cello has been fitted with boxwood pegs and matching tailpiece, a Despiau 3* Baroque style bridge. It is in good structural order, in particular, in the central bridge area. Length of back: 74cm. String length 67.3 cms. Stop length: 38.4cm. Lower bout: 45.2cm  Upper bout:  37.5. Waist: 27 cm

The cello has had extensive restoration and is in good playing order.