MV9/ 04 Handmade by Violin Akos Balazs, Hungary, 2014, Sound sample.


Preowned, as new, handmade by Violin Akos Balazs, Hungary, 2014. Silver series. back length of 35.8 cm. Labelled ‘Balazs Akos Kezult Balazs hangs zerkeszito mester muhelyeben Hungary, Budapest 2014′. With Pirastro Aricore strings

Professional player opinion: ‘Has a fine projecting tone, with precise clarity of resonance that carries a sweet focussed sound’.



Well-made violin. Two-piece maple back with medium grain, and tight figure. Spruce front with medium grain. Ebony fittings. Golden brown varnish. With the stop length of 33 cm.

After graduating from  the Liszt Ferenc Zeneakademia in Budapest, where he studied instrument making under the tutelage of esteemed Hungarian luthiers Laszlo Nemessanyi and János Héjja, Akos set up his own workshop  in 2006. However, as his work is such high demand he now employs 5 luthiers to assist him.

We sell a lot of his instruments because they have excellent sound quality at a reasonable price.


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