MV8/ 53b French Violin, Lamberte-Humbert workshop, Circa 1910. Check out the sound sample!


Antique violin French Violin, Lambert-Humbert workshop,  Circa 1910 . Labelled:  ‘H. Clotelle. A la ville de Cremone Atelier de Lutherie fondée en 1780′ With Dominant strings. Length of back: 36 cms. Instrument only.

Professional player opinion: A beautiful tone with distinct brightness- must be tried. An effortless ‘feel’ to this violin’.


Two-piece back with fine grain and tight figure. Medium-grain front. Red varnish. Rosewood pegs, Wittner tailpiece, Ebony chinrest and endpin. String length: 32.7 cms

It is known that ‘H. Clotelle’ worked in the Mirecourt (France) workshops of Lamberte-Humbert Frères, although his work was also sold under his own label.

Lamberte-Humbert Frères, was founded in 1876 by the violin making brothers Maurice-Emile and Pierre Alexis Auguste Laberte. At first it produced only factory instruments, but later, in the early 20th century, a range of higher-quality instruments  was added. By 1919, the firm changed its name to “Laberte et Magnié” or “L.F.M.” and had around  400 workers, but eventually closed in 1969.


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