MV5/ 68 Hardanger fiddle / Antique German violin, circa 1900; conversion 2017


Antique violin converted to Hardanger neck with 9 strings ( 5 sympathetic) with Hiscox case

Antique German violin, circa 1900, with “lions head ” scroll , converted to hardanger fiddle with  for standard hardanger tuning (high pitch tuning f#” , b’, e’, b) , by David Bruce Johnson at Moseley Violins, 2017

New short scale neck with grafted original “lions head” scroll

5 sympathetic strings ( fitted mid height on bridge and under fingerboard) -tuning  b, g#, f# e, C  ( these strings are not bowed for sympathetic vibration)

Wittner fine tuner pegs  for all pegs

Strung with Pirastro Hardanger fiddle strings and special Hardanger maple bridge

Fits  Hiscox OVNS case ( optional at extra + £123.60)


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