MV13/ 91A: Antique German violin. Copy of Joseph Rocca.


MV13/ 91A: Antique German violin. Circa late 1800’s. Copy of Joseph Rocca. Labelled “Joseph Rocca fecit Taurini anno Domini 1871”. With Dominant Pro strings. Length of back: 35.2 cms. Instrument only. Soundsample.


Two-piece back with fine grain and tight figure. Fine-grain front. Golden-brown varnish. Wittner pegs and Ebony fittings. String length: 33.3 cms.

Giuseppe (Joseph) Antonio Rocca (1807 – 1865) moved to Turin from his native Barbaresco in 1834 to work in the  violin shop of Giovanni Franceso Pressenda, but soon opened his own shop in the city. His work is thought to be among the the best of 18th century Italian violin making,


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