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MV13/ 88 Pre-owned Roumanian ‘Reghin’ 4/4 cello. Circa 1975. With Wittner pegs.


Roumanian ‘Reghin’ 4/4 cello. Circa 1975,Labelled: ‘Complexul pentru prelechhrea‘. WithThomastik Alphayue strings.

Student cello in good structural order. With two-piece maple back of plain figure. Spruce front of plain figure. Orange-red lacquer finish. With Wittner fine tuning pegs, De Jacques adjustable bridge,  ebony tail-piece with 4 adjusters.

The town of Reghin, in Romania,  has been  well known for musical instruments making for many years, which often takes advantage of  famous resonance wood from the Calimani and Gurghiu forests.

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