MV13/ 58A Pre-owned ‘Musima’ 3/4 Cello. Instrument only


Pre-owned ‘Musima’ 3/4 cello with Thomastik Alphayue strings. Instrument only

‘Musima’ was a factory which was located in Markneukirchen,  a renowned musical-instrument-making area in Germany, close to the Czech border. The area’s Ore Mountains had the right conditions for high-grade Spruce, and musical-instrument-making developed here from 1700s, resulting in the town probably having highest concentration of instrument-makers in the world.

After the Second World War, the East German government was keen to make the most of Markneukirchen’s expertise. In 1952, Musima was created as a cooperative, bringing many of the town’s craftsmen and family enterprises under a collective management.

Keen to make Musima into an example of communist industry, the East German government supported the company, which quickly grew into the biggest in the GDR. At its peak it employed around 1,200 employees and exported instruments all around the world.

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