MV13/ 36 Antique German Hopf-copy, circa 1920-30’s


Antique Hopf-copy violin , made in Saxony,  Germany. With Thomastik Vision strings. Length of back: 35.7 cms

A fine example of the Hopf model. One piece maple back of medium figure. Matching sides and neck woods. Front of tight-grained spruce. , with antiqued spirit varnish, Branded under back button “HOPF”. Set up at Moseley Violins with Wittner fine tuner pegs, ebony chinrest and rosewood endpin. New Aubert bridge and sound-post.  Golden-brown varnish. String length 33 cms.

It is believed that there at least  of 42 violin makers to the Hopf dynasty of violin-making, the genealogy of which can be traced back as far as eight generations. The Hopf name in inextricably linked to the history of instrument making in the Vogtland region of Saxony, Germany and Bohemia. It represents a family of violin makers that created one of the most distinctive and successful violin making traditions in the late 17th and 18th centuries. Under the guidance of Caspar Hopf, the pater familias of the dynasty, it was ultimately the father and son David Christian Hopf Senior and Junior who refined the classic violin model which remained influential well into the 19th century.

However, many other violin-makers copied this Hopf-style.


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