MV13/ 10 Pre-owned Hidersine ‘Reserve’ full size cello. Sound sample.


MV13/ 10 Pre-owned Chinese 4/4 Hidersine “Reserve” Stradivari-model 4/4  cello, (VC285). Imported by Barnes & Mullins. Labelled ‘The Hidersine Company est. 1896. Stradivari Model Reserve Model No 275 year 2015’. With Corelli New Concept strings. Length of back: 76 cms Instrument only.


Condition Report: The cello has two fractures in lower left bout . They have been fully restored with removal of front and reinforced from the interior at Moseley Violins

Made of two-piece back of wide grain and tight figure. Narrow-grain front. Golden-brown varnish. Boxwood fittings. String length: 70 cms.

This is from the website:

Crafted in our instrument workshops across Asia, Hidersine Reserve instruments represent both superior quality and remarkable value. Using a select of the finest, aged tonewoods, and high quality fittings and accessories, no two Hidersine Reserve instruments are exactly the same. Inspired by the most celebrated designs and patterns from history featuring a range of varnish styles and finishes, each instrument is unique. This individuality is why we have no product listings for these instruments, as the discerning musician needs to discover the hand chosen selection offered by their local bowed instrument specialist.


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