MV12/ 48 German ‘Stainer Model’ Violin, Circa1890-1900


German ‘Stainer Model’  full size Violin. Circa1890-1900. Instrument only.

This is a COPY of Jacob Stainer (circa 1671-1683) Violin. He was the leading violin maker of the Austro-German school. Stainer’s earliest work dates from the late 1630s, and he seems to have travelled a great deal over the next two decades before finally settling in the town of his birth in 1656. His early work is relatively highly arched but from about 1665 he built a flatter, more successful model that seems to have been inspired by Amati’s Grand Pattern. Stainer was undoubtedly one of the great craftsmen of the 17th century,  and he  influenced many subsequent makers, in Venice and Florence, but also in England, Germany and Austria. Stainer’s model was considered by some as 'ideal'  and was industriously copied until the latter years of the 18th century, when the vogue for Stradivari finally took over.

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