MV12/ 20A French, Circa 1920, 4/4 violin


French Violin. Labelled ‘Giuseppe Maravelli, fecit anno 1891′.Likely made for the firm, Beare & Son London, in Mirecourt ( Vosges), circa 1920. With Evah Pirazzi strings. Length of back: 35.7 cms. Instrument only.


Two-piece back with fine grain and tight figure. Fine-grain front. Amber- red varnish. Rosewood pegs, Wittner tailpiece and ebony chinrest. String length: 32.9 cms

Giuseppe Maravelli is a name that appears in certain French violins made around the turn of the 20th century. The name may be a trade name, not a real person.  These trade violins were generally  made in  the Mirecourt violin-making area of France, usually by hand in a workshop setting.

Beare and Son Ltd. have been trading  since 1865 . Throughout they have primarily been wholesalers of an extensive range of items for the violin trade, which includes instrument makers and repairers and High Street music shops.

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