MV12/ 03 German 3/4 violin. Circa 1880’s, ‘Dresden School’- possibly Lowendall workshop


German 3/4 violin. Circa 1880’s From  Dresden School, (Lowendall workshops) unlabelled. Written in pencil internally on back “Repaired by William Freeman, Wednesbury 1900”. With Dominant strings. Length of back: 33.6 cms. Instrument only.

Two-piece back with fine grain and medium figure. Wide-grain front. Orange-brown varnish. Wittner tailpiece, Rosewood pegs and Ebony chinrest. String length: 30.4 cms

Louis Lowendall (originally Lowenthal) was a violin-maker but also developed workshops in Berlin and Dresden which produced thousands of instruments and exported them all over the world.

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