MV11/ 05B Antique ‘Maidstone’ 3/4 Violin, Circa 1900-1920


Antique  ‘Maidstone’ 3/4  violin. Circa 1900-1920. With Alphayue strings. Length of back: 33.4 cms. Labelled “The Maidstone. The Maidstone School Orchestra Assoc :; London, E.C” Instrument only.


Two-piece back with fine grain and tight figure. Fine-grain front. Brown-red varnish. Hardwood pegs and Ebony fittings. String length: 30 cms

‘Maidstone’ violins were imported to the UK in the early part of the 20th century by a company called Murdoch and Murdoch, with the aim of giving student players a good sounding instruments at a reasonable price.


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