CS9/ 97 Violin: labelled ‘Pierre Hel, Luthier du Conservatoire..’. Circa 1920. Sound Sample.


Violin: labelled ‘Pierre Hel Luthier du Conservatoire à Lille en l’an 1920’ and numbered 226 above label.  Signed and dated on inside of front and back.  With recent, reputable certificate of authentication.

Professional player opinion: ‘An instantaneously rich and engaging tone, which combines power and quality. Easy to draw out the hidden beautiful depths of this violin.’


In excellent condition. The two-piece back (35.7cm) is of quarter-sawn maple with strong curl of medium width; and the ribs and scroll are of similar wood. The front is of medium grain spruce. With orange-brown colour varnish.

Pierre Jean Henri Hel , violin maker (1884 – 1937) was the son and pupil of the French maker Joseph Hel of Lille. he is believed to have made made his first violin aged 15 years old  and to go on to make around 400 violins in his lifetime.


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