CS9/ 96 Italian Violin labelled ‘Dome Corbucci…’ Sound Sample.


Violin labelled: ‘Dome Corbucci fece citta di Cortella d’anno 18…’. With recent, reputable certificate of authentication.

Professional player opinion: ‘A very appealing tone throughout the register, which has a velvety, subtle quality’.


In good condition. Two-piece back (35.9 cm) of quarter-sawn maple with faint curl of medium width; the ribs and scroll are of similar wood. The front is one-piece of spruce and is winged at the flanks on the upper bas side bout and both sides of the lower bout, With a light orange-brown colour on golden ground.

Domenico Corbucci, believed to have been born around 1830, and to have worked in Parma, Italy, is believed to have  initially trained as a violinist and his passion for violin making probably grew out of his musical studies. It’s believed that he was self-taught as a maker.

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