CS9/ 94 Antique German ‘Roderich Paesold’ Violin Bow,


Antique German silver-mounted Violin bow. Branded ‘Roderich Paesold’, Weight: 62 gms.

Strong pernambuco stick with good balance. Silver lapping with leather thumb grip. Frog with ‘Parisian eye’ and 3-part button.

Born in 1891, in Bohemia, Roderich Paesold initially worked in his father’s string and bow business. Roderich later founded his own company (in 1919) which specialized in the manufacture of bows and the export of musical instruments. Due to his skilled craftsmanship and entrepreneurial initiative, the company gained a reputation which went far beyond Germany‘s borders. Many important bow makers studied or worked at the workshop of Roderich Paesold. In 1981, the Paesold Company was integrated into the Boosey & Hawkes group. However, since December 2004 the traditional Master workshop has been back in family ownership.

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