CS9/ 84 French 7/8th size Violin. Circa 1900-1910. Sound sample.


Amati copy, Circa 1900 – 1910 7/8 size violin. With Pirastro Obligato strings with a back length of 348 mm. Labelled ‘Copie de Nicolaus Amatius Cremoniea Hieronimi Filius Antoni Nepos fecit 1676’

Professional player opinion. ‘Small violin with sweet tone.’


In good condition. Amati copy. Two-piece back with fine grain and tight flame. Spruce front with fine grain. Ebony fittings with Wittner tailpiece. Golden brown varnish. With the stop length of 32.1 cm. 7/8 violins are not common, but they are ideal for small-handed adult violinists for whom 4/4 violins are not just comfortable.

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