CS9/ 75b Antique German gold-mounted violin bow branded ‘H.R.Pfretzchner’


Antique Geramn gold-mounted violin bow. Branded ‘H.R.Pfretzchner’. Circa 1870-1890.

The round stick is of pernambuco wood. The gold mounted ebony frog with pearl eye and ebony adjuster with two gold bands. The frog and adjuster are probably not original to the stick.

Recent written valuation from a respected violin dealer is included in the price.

Hermann Richard Pfretzschner, (1857-1921), was a German bow maker who initially studied with his father Carl Richard. Throughout his career the Pfretzschner workshop supplied unstamped bows to various firms in Germany and elsewhere, but bows made for his own firm are almost uniformly stamped, ‘H.R. Pfretzschner’.

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