CS9/ 72B Handmade Violin, ‘Copy of Stradivari Suaret’, by Anthony Perry, Circa 2018. Sound sample.


Handmade Violin, ‘Copy of Stradivari Suaret’ circa 1743, by Anthony Perry, Circa 2018. Numbered No. 2. With Evah Pirazzi strings with the back length of 35.4 cm. Labelled ‘Anthony Perry Maker Wolverhampton 2018’

Professional player opinion: ‘A quality, soft tone which projects well.’




Well-made violin. ‘Copy of Stradivari Suaret’ circa 1743. Two-piece maple back with wide grain and tight flame. Spruce front with fine grain. Rosewood pegs, Boxwood chinrest, Ebony tailpiece, and endpin. Amber/ red varnish. With the stop length of 32.6 cm.

English maker Anthony Perry has made over 80 violins and violas in a career spanning more than 40 years.  He specialises in making full-size, but slightly smaller-proportioned, instruments (in terms of body and/or stop length), making them easier to play but losing none of the tonal quality of larger full-size instruments. The sound quality and responsiveness of his instruments is well-received by the professional players who work at Moseley Violins.

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