CS9/ 48 Handmade German Cello labelled ‘Johannes Rubner’, Circa 1990. Sound sample


German (Markneukirchen) Cello Circa 1990. Labelled: ‘Johannes Rubner’. Stamped on back: ‘Rubner’. With Jargar strings. Length of back: 30″ (76.1 cm)


A favourable example of Meisterwerkstalt modern cello making.Precisely-made and in good condition. Reputable company. Two-piece back of fine grain and narrow figure. Front of medium grain. With golden-brown spirit varnish. Set up at Moseley Violins. String length: 69 cms.

Markneukirchen is the main town of the German musical instrument-making region, known for four centuries for high quality string instruments. This instrument-making history stems from the 17th century arrival of a group of refugees from Bohemia. Among them were some who already practiced the instrument trade. By the 1900s, 80 per cent of the world’s musical instruments were made in this small town. Now, within this small locality, over 100 different enterprises are involved in making musical instruments.

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