CS9/ 37a German ‘Apollo’ violin circa 1890-1900. Check out the sound sample!


Antique  “Apollo” violin made in Germany,  circa  1890-1900. Dominant strings with the back length of 36 cm. Labelled ‘Made in Germany, Apollo W.H. & G.H. Dreaper, 96, Bald Street, Liverpool, Class 6, No 2284 Registered’


Well-made violin. Two-piece maple back with fine grain, and tight figure. Spruce front with fine grain. Ebony fittings. Golden-brown varnish. With stop length of 33.3 cm.

Instruments labelled ‘Apollo’ were imported by a musical instrument company, Rushworth & Dreaper, based in Liverpool for over 130 years, until 2002.

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