CS9/ 31 Belgian Violin by Lucien Dolphyn, Brussels, Circa 1941. Sound sample.


Antique violin. Handmade by Lucien Dolphyn, circa 1941. Labelled: ‘Instruments de Solistes Lucien Dolphyn Luthier Violinist à Bruxelles année 1941 no. 47’. There is a second label  which states: ‘Lutherie Artistique entièrement fait à la main avec de vieux bois’.   Letter of Authenticity available.

Professional player opinion: ‘A bright, sweet tone, easily accessed throughout the range. Suitable  for soloists and chamber music players.’


The two-piece back is of quarter sawn maple and 36.2 cm in length. . The ribs, scroll and neck are of similar wood. The front is of medium grain spruce. Orange-brown varnish.

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