MV9/ 92A Preowned Stentor YORKE 1/8 Size Zeller Bass, 1980-90’s


Pre-owned Roumanian, Zeller, 1/8 size double bass. Circa 1970-1990. Labelled: ‘ Stentor Yorke Trust Mini Bass 8871’. Originally from the Stentor Company. Length of back: 89 cm. With D’Addario Helicore Orchestral 1/8th size  Strings

Upgraded at Moseley Violins with correction to top nut,  new sound-post and Gewa  Bridge,  and D’addario Helicore 1/8 size string. Ideal for serious young double bass player. In good condition.  Two-piece back  with narrow grain and light figure. Wide grain front. Orange-yellow lacquer finish. Ebony fittings. Stop length: 85cm.

Stentor, is a UK based company and is the leading manufacturer of student stringed orchestral instruments worldwide in over 30 countries. Stentor violins, violas, cellos and basses are widely recommended by teachers and music services.