CS8/ 27 Handmade Violin by Kévin Baslé, ‘Messiah’ copy, 2016. Check out the sound sample!


A handmade violin by Kévin Baslé, ‘Messiah’ copy, 2016. Back length 358 with Evah Pirazzi stings. Labelled ‘Fait main K. S. Baslé, Luthier a Newark, 2016’ Signed Baslé

Professional player opinion: ‘A beautifully-crafted violin. It has a sweet purity of tone which persists in higher positions. Must be tried.’


Well-made violin. ‘Messiah’ copy. Two-piece maple back with fine grain and tight flame. Spruce front with fine grain. Rosewood fittings with ‘Swiss-style’ pegs. Golden amber/ brown oil varnish. With the stop length of 326mm.

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