CS8/ 04A Handmade by James Parkinson 16″ Viola, Llandudno, Circa 1923. Sound sample.


Welsh 16 1/4″ (41.2 cm) Viola. Labelled ‘James Parkinson, Llandudno Viola no.3 No 271923.’ Signed. With Zyex strings. Instrument only.


A good Welsh Viola made by James Parkinson, bearing the maker’s original label dated 1923.

The two piece back is of quarter-sawn, medium grain maple, marked with a strong curl of narrow figure. The ribs, scroll and neck are of similar wood.

The front is of medium-grain spruce. The oil varnish is of a chestnut- brown, red colour. String length: 37.2 cm. Set up at Moseley Violins.