CS7/ 60a German ‘Conrad Gotz’ cello. Circa 1976. Sound sample


German ‘Götz’ Cello, Circa 1976. Labelled: ‘West German workshop of Conrad A. Gotz, 1976. Cast No 6885 Mod. Nr. 436’. Length of back: 75.5 cm. With Larson Crown strings. With leatherette soft cover.


Two-piece back of medium grain and tight figure. Medium uneven grain front. Golden orange varnish. Ebony fittings and Wittner tailpiece. String length: 69cms

C.A. Götz jr. GmbH is a family-owned company which started in 1884. Located in the centre of music instrument making in Germany, the Vogtland region in Saxony, C.A. Götz jr. GmbH is still managed today by the founder’s family, the fourth generation.