CS7/ 24B Handamde Baroque-style Violin by Edward Gaut, circa 2009


Baroque style Violin, Ruggeri 1704 copy, by Edward Gaut, Circa 2009

Professional player opinion: ‘A fine baroque violin, with gut strings, which produces a warm sound with good volume.’

Well made with gut strings, bone nut and saddle. Custom made tail piece. One piece back and refined 'f' holes. The differences between a Baroque violin and a modern instrument include the size and nature of the neck, fingerboard, bridge, bass bar, and tailpiece. Baroque violins are almost always fitted with gut strings, as opposed to the more common metal and synthetic strings on a modern instrument, and played with a bow made on the baroque model rather than the modern Tourte bow. Baroque violins are not fitted with a chin rest and are played without a shoulder rest.

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