CS10/ 31 Antique Violin made by Louis Dolling Jnr , Markneukirchen , 1900-1920


Early 20c Violin handmade by Louis Dolling Jnr in good condition

A fine example of German making;  Stradivari model  copy , branded Louis Dolling Jr, Markneukirchen, and labelled Louis Dolling Jr, Markneukirchen anno 19–

Fine selection of European spruce front with Stradivari “F holes” . Excellent selection of seasoned European maple back, highly figured with even curl , matching neck and ribs

Antique “aged”  finish of orange red oil varnish over amber ground set up with ebony pegs with matching set of fittings including gold lozenge edged buttons; ebony tailpiece with gold fret; ebony endpin with gold pip

CONDITION REPORT : There is repaired small fracture on front on lower edge of right sound hole and lower sound hole wing crack ;

Set up with new Josef Teller 1891 ** bridge and Pirastro Obligato strings