CS10/ 22 English full size violin. Circa 1914 Sound sample


CS10/ 22 English full size violin. Circa 1914. Labelled “Alfred Moore, Douglas (Isle of Man) 1914”. With Kaplan Amo strings. Length of back: 35.8 cms. Instrument only.


Two-piece back with medium grain and tight figure. Fine-grain front. Golden-amber varnish. Rosewood pegs, Wittner tail piece and Ebony chinrest. String length: 33.1 cms

Alfred or ‘Alfie’ Moore, was a carpenter  and violin-maker based  in Douglas, in the Isle of ‘. Alfie was also a seafarer and is described, in the Journal of the Manx Museum 1932, as having ‘an inventive mind’. He designed yachts before he turned his attention to violins. The Journal says that ‘the best of Moore’s work is very good indeed, particularly a set of four instruments which he made to the order of the Royal College of Music.’

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