CS10/ 15 Antique French violin circa 1800-1830. (possibly from the JL Mast workshop). Sound samples.


CS10/ 15 Antique French violin circa 1800-1830.  Stamped on rib “J. …ast.” over end-pin  button. Length of back: 35.7 cms. String length: 32.6 cms. nstrument only.

Professional player opinion: ‘Bright sweet tone, which is especially satisfying in higher positions.’


Condition Report: This violin is in a fully restored condition . It has fractures to the front and back in sound post area. Both have been patched internally with oval “sound post” patches. There is also fractures to the wings of sound holes ,and a lower sound hole fracture on the treble side. The back has a well executed “oval D shaped” button graft  . The scroll has been grafted and peg holes bushed.

It is made of one-piece back with large grain and light figure. Medium-grain front. Amber-brown varnish. Wittner tailpiece, Ebony pegs and chinrest. It has been set up with new bridge and sound post at Moseley Violins with Dominant Violin strings .

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