CS10/ 12 Antique Full size English handmade violin (Rosa Bonheur) by Walter H Mayson, Manchester 1880. Sound samples.


CS10/ 12 Full size English handmade violin by Walter H Mayson Manchester 1880. Labelled: ‘Deus Adsit Obsit Mundus Gualterus Maysonus Arrit Monrunii AD 1880′.  Handwritten on label ‘Rosa Bonheur’. With Larsen Virtuoso strings. Length of back: 35.4 cms. Instrument only.

Professional player opinion: ‘A powerful mellow tone with superb lower register, with more potential to grow in sound’. 


Two-piece back, with carved design, of fine grain and medium figure. Fine-grain front. Golden-red varnish. Ebony fittings with pearl eyes. String length: 32.5 cm.

The instrument is believed to be inspired by  the French artist, Rosa Bonheur (16 March 1822 – 25 May 1899). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosa_Bonheur

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