CS10/08 Pre-Owned Electric 5 string Violin , handmade by David Bruce Johnson, Birmingham UK , circa1990


Pre-owned 5 -string electric violin of  solid wooden frame construction with original Zeta Bridge system

Handmade electric violin out of solid maple woods and ebony fingerboard

Custom made 5 string ebony fingerboard , string spacing 22mm at nut ; 45mm on bridge

Fingerboard width 28mm at nut ; 46mm at end

Zeta bridge system with on board preamp in lower left boxed area of body , with volume control

(Has Zeta system midi capacity output but unused)

Extended pegbox for 5 ebony pegs with Parisian eye inlays  –

“Daffodil ” scroll Inlay of mother-of-pearl and abalone shell on “shield “scroll

Fine tuning with 5 String Wittner tailpiece with built in tuners

Brass rod through topnut to isolate string hum interferrance;

Strung with new set  D’Addario Helicore 5 strings for Violin, including a violin C string tuning pitches e” a’ d’ G C

New WOLF Maestrini chinrest