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Prima 200




Eastman Young Master & Master Series

Heritage Series

Double Basses


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We our proud to offer to sell the full range of handmade and hand varnished instruments made in China, imported from THE SOUND POST.

For starters, there's a comprehensive range of student instruments with their award winning educational Primavera range. ( Primavera 100, Prima 200, &  Prima Loreato ).

For more advancing and discerning players, the  Westbury,& Concertante,  & Eastman Young Master and Master Series offer handmade and hand finished instruments at outstanding value.

At a professional level there are now the impressive HERITAGE series range of exquisite interpretations of individual master instruments .

For instruments in stock ,please check with our individual instrument pages.

We offer to upgrade all instruments in our workshops as appropriate to customer or instruments requirements:

We offer five upgrade options from the BUDGET; STARTER; STANDARD; ADVANCED & PROFESSIONAL set-ups.

Work undertaken includes lubricate & correction of fitting to pegs; check and improve shape / action at top nut, new sound-post and bridge. Strings can be changed as suitable or to players preference at extra cost.




Primavera 100 Violin Outfits: 1/32- 4/4  

Primavera 100 Viola Outfits:  12", 13" , 14", 15", 15.5" 16" lob

Primavera 100 Cello Outfits: 1/16- 4/4

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 Prima 200 Violin Outfit 1/8-4/4

Prima 200 Viola Outfit 12",13", 14", 15", 15.5", 16" lob

Prima 200 Cello Outfit   1/8 -4/4 inc 7/8 Size  + set up & strings

Prima 200 Cello

NEW Prima 200 Antiqued Finish Outfit

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 Loreato Violin Outfits 1/2,  3/4, 4/4

Loreato Viola Outfits 14.5" , 15", 15.5",  16" lob

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 Westbury Violin Outfit  1/8-4/4 sizes

Westbury Violin Antiqued Outfit 1/2-4/4 sizes

Westbury Viola Outfit15", 15.5", 16", 16.5" lob

Westbury Viola Antiqued Outfit15", 15.5", 16" lob

Westbury Cello Outfit1/2-4/4 sizes


WESTBURY Cello                                                    




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  Concertante Violin Outfit 3/4, 4/4

Concertante Viola Outfits 15, 15.5 16, 16.5  Antiqued Viola 15", 15.5"  16"

Concertante Cello Outfits 7/8 , 4/4

Violin Outfit

CONCERTANTE  CELLO ~Strad / Montagnana Models in ANTIQUE FINISH ~  + set up & strings 


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New EASTMAN Master 



EASTMAN "YOUNG" Master series~ VIOLIN     

Inclusive of  workshop set up & Larsen strings ; Outfit optional package with LC Chen carbon bow and half moon Violin case


EASTMAN Master series "Guarneri" model                                                               

Click Here for Audio Samples

'Has a bright sweet tone  throughout the range with high position equally rewarding. Lovely singing quality would suit advanced student or professional.'




New EASTMAN "YOUNG" Master Series VIOLA, including  workshop set up, Larsen Strings    ...instrument only                                              example price sold at MV for  £883.46




Eastman Master series 7/8 Cello                                                 725mm string length      


Eastman Professional series cello Stradavari model, Hand made and hand applied spirit varnish. Set up at Moseley Violins with Larsen Strings




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 HERITAGE SERIES: Superior Hand-made/ Hand-finished




New HERITAGE BERGONZI (1736) 2 piece back~           




HERITAGE SERIES~ An Interpretation of "The Cessol" Stradavari 1716      


HERITAGE SERIES~ An Interpretation of "Il Cannone" Guarneri del Gesu 1742       





Westbury "Antique" by Eastman                                             

15 1/2" Viola


HERITAGE SERIES~ An Interpretation of "Dumas" 

Magginni   1600, Brescia  + set up & strings

16" 16.25" length of back models available     




THE HERITAGE SERIES : A striking interpretation of the Stradavari "Davidov" Cello, c 1712 (Now owned by Yo Yo Ma).     + set up & strings


"The Brothers Amati" ; 1616, slightly reduced size model

 + set up & strings

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Models : Gamba ( without corners) Violin (with corners) or Rockabilly: ( available in Violin model (with corners) only)


PRIMAVERA 50 Laminate Bass  3/4 size Gamba Violin or Rockabilly models


WESTBURY Bass Available as GAMBA or VIOLIN 3/4 size  



SINFONICA Available as a GAMBA or VIOLIN 3/4 BASS 


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